“A Study of Misconceptions in Science among Teacher Educators in Punjab”


Ms. Harmeet Kaur
Research Scholar Desh Bhagat School of Education Desh Bhagat University, Mandi Gobindgarh.


The teacher is the instrument of social change, innovation and is a persona builder of the future generations. The educator direct and guide the budding torchbearers towards the new spheres and horizons. The great teachers are produced in the factories of experience. The most important platform and the personalities, who exhibit and shape the teaching and learning skills of the neophytes, are the teacher training institutions and the subject masters- teacher educators. The effective science teaching is a pre-requisite for active science learning. The individuals commit many types of errors in science but all errors are not misconceptions, and consequently it is essential to detect the error patterns and misconceptions so that science learning takes place in a precise and all-inclusive comportment. But much of our learning is still individual based resulting in development of wrong/inadequate concepts amongst the students. This inadequate conceptual learning which is not in accordance with scientific world is known as misconceptions. Hence it is necessary that the teacher should know about students’ misconceptions so that they will be able to provide them to learn. The identification of the students’ misconceptions in any field of the science requires great effort. Hence present study is an effort in this direction to provide an insight into errors and misconceptions held by the teachers of the B.Ed. colleges. The focus of the present study is survey and diagnostic with a purpose to identify errors and misconception in teaching-learning process to enhance performance of learners.