A Survey on Vision-Based Techniques for Traffic Monitoring using Vehicle Detection and Counting Mechanism


C.Ranjeeth Kumar 
Assistant Professor (Sr.Gr), IT, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, India

Dr. R. Naveen
Associate professor, ECE, Info Institute of Engineering, India*2.


The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) provides services related to different modes of transport and traffic management systems with an integration of traffic control centers. Vehicle detection and counting system plays an essential role in Intelligent Transportation System for effective traffic management. Vision- Based investigation for traffic surveillance has been a vital part of ITS. The traffic surveillance in urban environment have become more challenging compared to the highways due to various factors like camera placement, cluttered background, pose variation, object occlusion and illumination changes. This paper provides review on vision-based techniques for detection, tracking and counting system base on the vehicle features. In this survey we classify the dynamic attributes of vehicle with respect to vehicle motion & appearance characteristics, including velocity, direction of movement on a single camera.