Praiselin Rebekah.J1, Prathiba.D2, Sathea Sreei.S3


Data mining refers to extracting or mining knowledge from large amount of data. It is a process of discovering interest knowledge from large amount of data stored either in database or other information repositories. Knowledge base is domain knowledge that is used to guide search or evaluate the interestingness of resulting pattern. Such knowledge can include concept hierarchies used to organize attribute/attribute values in to different levels of abstraction of data mining. Friend recommendation is an important recommender application in social media. Major social websites such as Twitter and Facebook are all capable of recommending friends to individuals. However, most of these websites use simple friend recommendation algorithms such as popularity or friend’s friends are friends, which are intuitive but consider few of the characteristics of the social network. We create a new system which gives the friend recommendation in such a way that, it analysis the users activity and suggest them. The user activity is based on the image they share on the social networks and the comment they leave on the image will be taken and compared and if there is a chance of matching the same characters with the other user on the social networks they will be analyzed and shows the friend suggestions to both of the user.