Analysis of the Buckling of the Stiffened Panels of Flexible Angle Tow


Rashmi Ray, Binayaka Pattanaik
Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan (Deemed to be University), Odisha, India.


Modern plane/aircraft structures are made up of thin walled structures that are made up of ribs, springs, and hard panel and top skins. During the flight, the top skin of aircraft is subjected to high compressed force, which could cause a persistent problem of buckling. The construction of the Advanced String Panel with Flexible Tow Angles can have flat profiles on one side and panels with Smoothed Curved Profiles on the other hand. In this document an attempt to design hard/stiff panels with a modified and variable tow angle and with a flat and curved image/profiles has performed. The FEA model is created and analysis is carried out to investigate the impact of pressure density and behavior of buckling panels of variable/flexible angle tow (VAT). In addition, designs of equitable VAT panels and unequitable VAT panels will be created and analyzed. Based on analysis models of stiffed panels that have a stronger strength to achieve buckling, they are commended.