Autonomous Plant Irrigation Water Sprinkler Robot


Dr. Badri Narayan Sahu, Hemanta Palo
Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan (Deemed to be University), Odisha, India.


The trees are most precious gift from mother earth, they provides us oxygen which is essential for life and many other essential for human survival. The trees requires essential care and routine watering. The water is limited to us and most of earth’s fresh water is used for watering crops and trees. So, we need to develop a system for watering trees in controlled manner. In this paper a robot is discussed which resolves this issue by supplying water to trees in limited and control manner i.e. only supplying required water to trees. The robot functions automatically and relies on GPS based location determination and for calculating distance between robot and targeted area. The robot is motor powered and uses sprinkler for watering trees. The robot detects obstacles using an ultrasonic sensor.