Autonomous Wind-DG MicrogridwithBack Propagation Algorithm Based Fuzzy LogicStrategy



Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor, PG Student, Dept. EEE, A.I.T.S-Rajampet, A.P, INDIA.


This paper manages a wind-DG (Diesel Generator) hybrid setup of the microgrid utilizing a voltage source converter (VSC) as a voltage and frequency controller (VFC). The wind control created by permanent magnet brushless DC generator (PMBLDCG), and the most extreme power is caught by a maximum power point procedure (MPPT) utilizing a lift converter with an incremental conductance (INC) approach. This power is provided to the user’s burdens and surplus power is put away into battery system (BS). BS is joined at DC connection of VSC which gives stack leveling during less or no wind conditions. With such blend of energy assets, a diminished rating, diesel motor driven squirrel confine enlistment generator (SCIG) encourages burdens and VSC at point of common coupling (PCC) underpins the system when the wind generation can’t take care of out the load demand. Back spread encourage forward (BPFF) control calculation is utilized for VF control of VSC. This controller gives sounds disposal, stack leveling and reactive power compensation and furthermore directs the voltage at PCC. This microgrid is demonstrated in MATLAB Sim control apparatuses and reenactment results are created to confirm the proper working of both the converters and the generationsystem.