Auxiliary and physical properties of the residue particles and their impact on the PV board execution


Mr. Rajesh Chandra Gupta
Dept. of Physics, Sanskriti University.


Infrequently exposures the southern zone of Libya through the period from (February to June) to occasional breezes, which for the most part conveying residue and sand. In this way, little particles of sand, trees trash, and winged animals’ droppings are amassing on surface of PV modules, which yield a concealing daylight on modules, the result a noteworthy power misfortune. The territory of concentrate named rustic desert. Specifically, area a lot of sun based irradiance is wealth throughout the year. That reason urging to embraced clean vitality asset on desert condition. This paper researched a structure of week by week cleaning on PV modules cluster all through the period from February to June. The outcomes demonstrated a noteworthy steady abatement of intensity, so visit week after week water washing keeping up execution misfortunes between (3 – 3.5%). It is significant component of water washing on the module’s surfaces regarded progressively dependable to recoup control misfortune.