Battery Recharging Using Shock Absorber


S. Alagesan, R. Bala Chandar
student-IFET college of engineering, Tamil Nadu, India.

S. Siva
Assistant professor-IFET college of engineering, Tamil Nadu, India.


Lot of energy is dissipated during operation of any automobile in form of vibration and dynamic forces. Utilizing these energies can develop considerable amount of power. Power generation is done by using chain and freewheel arrangement attached to shock absorbers. This set up will not affect the vehicle’s overall performance in any form since it just utilizes the vibrational energy. The linear movement of shock absorbers is converted into rotation using chain and freewheel arrangement. The control mechanism carries the chain and freewheel, shock absorber, DC generator, battery and led light. The non- conventional type of energy system using shock absorber no need of fuel input to generate the output of electrical power. The objective of this project is to generate the electric power through the fabrication of shock absorber with freewheel arrangement.