Big Data Classification using Machine Learning Algorithms for Intrusion Detection


Nilamadhab Mishra
Research Scholar , Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Odisha, India

Dr. Sarojananda Mishra
Professor  Indira Gandhi Intitute of Technology, Odisha, India


Any unauthorized action on a computer network is referred to as network intrusion. The purpose of the network access software is to protect the computer network from unauthorized users, including internal ones. We will build an internal network detector, which is a predictive model that can distinguish between ” bad ‘connections, often referred to as intruders or attacks, and’ good ‘or normal connections. The purpose was to evaluate and evaluate the findings for access. We also focused on machine learning classification techniques in the KDD CUP 1999 data model for forecasting model. Here, we analyze our approach to existing technologies in order to get the best training and testing possible. Use different machine learning algorithms to create different models