Impact of Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism


Dr. Dileep Singh
HOD, Assistant Professor JLU School of Engineering & Technology Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal ,India.


Unlimited information is available online in the current online computing period and is vulnerable to cyber threats. There are a huge number of cyber threats and their activity is difficult to understand in the early stages of cyber attacks, which makes it difficult to control them. There may be some motivation behind cyber attacks or unknowingly processing them. For some years, analysts and government officials have warned of cyber-terrorism as a potential threat to national security. But, if we describe cyber-terrorism as a terrorist attack or series of attacks, it triggers fear of harmful or disruptive consequences that have economic, religious or ideological motives. The Web is often described as a fantastic device, an entertaining place and an experience of liberation but for whom? The growing pool of criminals who skillfully navigate the Net has the potential for many of us to become victims. Cyberspace, also referred to as the Internet, is an abstract and competitive environment. The paper describes the impacts of cyber crime and cyber terrorism on society.