Mapping Voting Behavior of 2017 Assembly Election in Uttar Pradesh


Dr. Seema Sahdev
Associate Professor, Kalindi College University of Delhi, India.


Mapping the voting behavior and voting turnout pattern of an area is of great significance for Electoral Geographer as it depict the level of political consciousness and development of that area. The present paper is an attempt to identify spatial pattern of support for major parties and also examine that how environmental issues shape voting pattern and voting behavior in 2017 Assembly Election. The analysis of voting patterns and spatial strength of political parties also needs to be accompanied by study of policies, programmer and promises offered by all major political parties in the fray and the issues of national and regional importance prevailing at that time. The BJP won a striking victory across all the regions of the state. The spatial spread of BJP’s votes become more even with the increase in overall party vote share. The important reason for BJP’s victory may be attributed to weakening of well based state level parties i.e. BSP and SP. The paper examine the momentous development instigated by the resurgence of BJP in the state and its massive victory in 2017 assembly election.