Matrix And Determinants Division Using Salihu’s Method


Armend Salihu
University for Business and Technology, Prishtine, Kosovo.

Fatlinda Salihu
University of Prishtina, Prishtine, Kosovo.


In this paper we will present division of matrices and determinants. At division of determinants the determinants must have the same order 􀀈 􀀇 􀀈 and the result will again be determinant of the same order 􀀈 × 􀀈, and the final result is the same if we calculate determinants. While the division of the matrix as a result we will have a matrix of the same order 􀀅 × 􀀈 with the first respectively second matrix depending on whether it is right or left division. In order to apply this formula for division of matrices, they must have the same number of columns on right division or same number of rows on left division, the divisor matrix should be square matrix and its determinant should be different from zero.