Notions of Scepticism and Agnosticism in The Selected Poems of A.K. Ramanujan with Special Reference to Second Sight, A Hindu to His Body, Conventions of Despair and The Hindu: He doesn’t hurt a fly


Sukhwinder Singh
PhD Research scholar
Dept of English
SBBS University Jalandhar (Punjab)


A.K. Ramanujanwas born in 1929 in Mysore to a Brahmin family and was educated in Mysore and Pune. He became a Fulbright Scholar at Indiana University from 1960 to 1962. He worked as a lecture in English initially in India, and later on joined University of Chicago as a Professor of Dravidian Studies and Linguistics. He settled there till his last breath in 1993. He died due to medical complications after a menial operation. He has 15 books in his credit. He was not a poet only but an institute in himself. He was a scholar, philologist, folklorist, translator and polyglot. He knew English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannadaand Sanskrit very well and could express himself effortlessly in these languages. His poetic works in English include The Striders(1966), Relations (1971), Selected Poems (1976) and Second Sight (1986). The Black Hen was his posthumous work published in 1995. His contribution in the field of Indo- English poetry is spectacular. He grew into a celebrated personality in India and abroad as well in the literary field. He was honoured with Padma Sri Award in 1976. He received Mac Arthur Prize Fellowship and was also rewarded with the gold medal of the Tamil Writer’s association for The Interior Landscape in 1969. He was also conferred on SahityaAkademy Award posthumously. His poetic knack demonstrates an emblematic modern ethos of India in a distinctive modernistic method and technique.