Print Media Representations Of Women In Rural India: A Study Of THE HINDU


Neha Jingala
Assistant Professor Department of Journalism Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, Delhi University

Dr. Sarojini Nandal
Retired Professor Department of Journalism and Mass Communication Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana


Rural women constitute a major part of the Indian Population. Upliftment of the rural women is very important for the social, political and economic growth of the country. They must be provided with equal rights, opportunities, responsibilities and power to women so that they can perform different roles at par with men. In India, rural women face a lot many problems in male dominated society. Nonetheless these rural women are making their marks in the field of education, sports, households, etc. through different means A lot of things are yet to be achieved in the emancipation of rural women. There is a great need to work at the grassroot level and empower the women in rural areas. Therefore, the study on the representations of rural women in print media is required in the present-day scenario, to see how much the fourth estate of democracy is working for the empowerment of rural women in India. So, the current study brings forward the representations that print media creates about rural women