Significance of Crew Resource Management in Healthcare Sector


Dr. Priyanka Nema
Assistant Professor, Jagran Lakecity Business School, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal, India.


Nowadays, there has been a possibility of occurring human errors while performing the medical procedures in the healthcare centers that can harm the patient who is undergoing the medical treatment. Certain actions need to be taken to avoid these human errors. The medical procedures have been carried out with the coordination of multiple clinical departments such as intensive care unit, Emergency Department (ED), ambulatory clinics, and anaesthesia care unit. There is need to avoid such kind of “human errors”, so the new emerging technique called as “Crew Resource Management” has been proven o be essential for enhancing the skills of the medical practitioners in the healthcare sectors which reduce the chances of errors. This paper demonstrates the significance of the “Crew Resource Management” right from its originating to its implementation in the healthcare sector.