Work Life Balance


Navjot Kaur, Research Scholar
Guru Kashi University, Talwandi Sabo,Bathinda, Punjab, India.
Dr.Pooja, Assistant Professor
Guru Kashi Univeristy, Talwandi Sabo,Bathinda, Punjab, India.


In the world of intense competitive challenges, the working environment are changing drastically, workplace duties and roles are undergoing a tremendous change along with family responsibilities, community/society obligations are also faced by an individual. Work is a necessity of life and survival, but importantly it gives meaning to life and motivates us to make our contribution to family, society and economy as family is our strength to stand against all odds, spending quality time with family makes our life happy and content. Paid work and personal life should be complementary elements and not competing priorities to lead a quality life. Trying to schedule an equal number of hours for work and personal activities is unrealistic because life is fluid in nature. Therefore, Work life balance is defined as an optimal balance between work and family domains, an imbalance occurs when these two domains clash or when an individual prioritizes one area/sphere of life and ignores the other domain therefore work life balance is an emerging challenge for both employees and employers. This conceptual paper based on extensive literature review from various research papers, articles, websites, and blogs on WLB, it gives a framework on the meaning and importance of Work Life Balance and gives suggestions to overcome imbalances. It is endeavor to provide readers with an in-depth knowledge about the necessity of balancing one’s own work life and personal life.